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Turbo charge your business' growth and create habits that will generate future opportunities

Don't wait for successes to come to you, start creating those opportunities now with daily habits that motivate and will increase your productivity. It's scientifically proven that high levels of dopamine can boost your motivation and enhance your ability to produce more at a faster rate.

Mannatracker is your personal accountability manager designed to do just that by adding fuel to your growing business. By incorporating more regular, planned activities into your daily routine, you'll produce more dopamine which can lead to greater levels of production.

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Simple Math:

Little wins every day equals great gains.

How big is the scope of your vision?

Business experts will tell you to have long-term vision and to set big goals. They also suggest using small attainable goals to reach the larger objectives

Mannatracker has one big goal, to help you grow your business. To accomplish this, it creates a way to keep your vision on track by helping you:

  • Stay accountable
  • Facilitate increased productivity
  • Keep you motivated to push for the next goal
  • Help to inspire others
  • Prioritizing initiatives
  • Create new habits
  • Turn your passion for work into fun!
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How do I get an invite?Invitations are going out on a limited basis; sign up here to be invited in the very near future!

How much does Mannatracker cost?It's free. While it is going to be of enormous value to helping grow your business, it is free. Your business is our top priority.

Do you sell my data?No. We hate it when that stuff happens to us, rest assured nobody is getting their dirty hands on your data.

Are you going to post anything on my Facebook wall?Not without your permission. You are the only one who can hit the “Post” button.


Do you guarantee my business will grow?Whoa nelly, we can't go guaranteeing anything but we do promise that if you put the effort into the program and use the tracker, both your business and yourself will benefit. It's science.

Can I get a refund?Umm, remember, it's free!

Can I contact you?You bet, customer service is always just a quick email away or a phone call at 1-800-281-4469! We're always glad to help solve problems.

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